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Welcome to my blog! I am currently in the process of moving to a new location, Since I am substantially editing posts instead of simply moving them there, everything you’ll find here either will be there in the future or already is. This will probably take a while, and so I’ve left older versions of some articles here for the time being.


The Fourth Factor: Dreaming From the Top Down

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A four-part series of posts exploring an uncommon yet fruitful way of looking at meaning in dreams and the complex relationship between nature, art and deception that an interpreter of dreams is faced with. Includes a critique of psychoanalytic theory.

Dreaming As Metaphor: The Glass Ukulele

An in-depth examination of a couple dreams from the same night, with an emphasis on metaphors. I plan on doing a few posts like that, but right now it’s just this one.

There Are Too Many Metaphors in this Mixed Drink

Part 2 Part 3

Our lives are full of metaphors, and the way we use them in speech and writing can provide insight into the way we use them in dreams.

Making Connections: A Little Owl, a Big Bug and a Long Detour

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Dreams often seem to have little to do with our waking lives – until we learn how to make the connections. This series of posts shows how to examine dreams through the associations they call up. Features a couple in-depth case studies and much quoting of dead philosophers.

Three Questions for Daniel Love’s “Are You Dreaming?”

Part 2 Part 3

“Are You Dreaming?” is a guidebook for people who would like to learn how to lucid dream. In these posts, I instead take it as a starting point for exploring some of the ideas about dreaming that are floating around the rapidly expanding community of lucid dreamers.



An essay on dreaming as it relates to religion and metaphysical questions in general. Someday this will be the longest series of posts on this blog. Right now, consider this the trailer.

Politics From Two Sides

Part 2 Part 3

Guides to dream interpretation tend to focus on the aspects of dreams that can be generalized about. This is understandable,  but it also presents an incomplete picture of the process, sometimes even a distorted one, because it de-emphasizes the embeddedness of dreams in the dreamer’s life. These posts are an attempt to show what normally gets hidden.

Of Idiosyncratic Interpretations and Metaphor Mongering

Part 2 Part 3

In these posts, I consider an article published by neuroscientist Dr. Patrick McNamara in Psychology Today entitled “The Folly of Dream Interpretation.” And by “consider,” I mean vehemently criticize. McNamara’s blog is full of intriguing speculation on dreams, and he seems to be one of the few people out there who’s interested in exploring dreaming from a philosophical point of view – but the views he puts forward here are untenable, and more than a little insulting to those of us with first-hand experience interpreting.

Dreaming – the Message and the Medium

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Among dream interpreters, viewing dreams as messages is a very common practice. It is also one that is likely to set people’s woo alarms going, supposing the very idea of interpreting dreams didn’t do that already. But I think this view is largely based on misunderstandings – the misunderstandings both of interpretation skeptics and of interpreters themselves, who often understand what works without knowing why it works, or, at any rate, without being able to explain it properly. In these posts, I consider this idea of dreams as messages – not appealing to any theory of depth psychology, but to philosophy, communications theory and careful observation.

A Sampler of Lucid Dreams

A collection of lucid dream reports with commentary. If you’re interested in questions like:  what’s it like to realize you’re dreaming? what can you do in a lucid dream? what sort of state (or states) is dream lucidity? – then you may find these posts interesting.

Dream Bibliography

A list of books and websites that influenced the writing of this blog. You should take a look at some of them.

Update Schedule

A page with updates. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Thanks for reading!


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